What is SERP (Search Engine Result Page)?

In simple words, SERP is a page that you see after you search for a word or sentence on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, etc.

The search engine results page shows different results for different keywords in different countries.

For a site to be recorded in the SERPs for a catchphrase applicable to their item or administration contributions is imperative for any business. The higher a posting positions in the SERPs the more straightforward and almost certain a potential client can track down you.

A SERP checker instrument assists any computerized advertising master with getting a nitty gritty comprehension of which watchwords from a site are positioning admirably in the SERPs, which ones need improvement, and on the off chance that there has been an adjustment of positioning for those catchphrases after some time.

Importance of checking SERPs

How can I check SERP for a keyword?

The best possible way to check SERPs for any keyword in Google search itself, you can track the current ranking sites on that searched keyword.

But, As we discussed above the SERPs are different for different countries, states, or cities, and as per the search intent of the user.

So, how can we check SERPs for a keyword? well to solve the issue we have our own Free Google SERP Checker tool, which is accurate and will show you the current results for that searched keyword, also you can choose a specific country to check Google SERPs of that keyword in that specific country.

How to use the SERP Checker tool?

Using the SERP Checker tool is very simple, it is just like other SERP checker tools which are available on the Internet.

  1. First, you need to enter a keyword for which you are willing to get SERPs,
  2. Second, there will be an option to select a country, where you can check the SERPs of a particular keyword from a specific country, by default, it will be selected as global and it will show the global SERPs.
  3. Third, after entering the keyword and selecting the country just hit the "Check SERP" button to get the SERPs for that keyword, the tool will get the data from Google and present it to you in the list. That's it.