Many of RaptorKit users were asking if the data provided in our Free Keyword Research Tool is accurate, reliable, or trustable?

As we provide a 100% free keyword research tool to our users with unlimited usage they think is the data we get from this tool is reliable or not?

Obviously, whenever I use any free tool I too think is the data is accurate or not. So here I’m with an article where I will show you a comparison of our Free Keyword Research Tool with other big and well-known keyword research tools providing companies like:

  • SEMrush,
  • Ahrefs,
  • Mangools (KW Finder), and
  • Ubersuggest

Important notes before starting any comparison

  • Before starting any comparison with these companies I would say the data which you will show in this comparison is recorded on 22 February 2022.
  • Also, the paid competition in RaptorKit is shown between 0 to 1, and in other tools 1 to 100 in other tools.
  • If you want to know the paid competition like other tools then you can simply multiply it by 100, and if you want other tools paid competition in RaptorKit’s way then you can divide the data by 100.
  • So, If you tried to search the same keyword in any of these tools or any other tool, it’s not compulsory that you will get the same results.
  • Different tools use different algorithms, and strategies for calculating these metrics, therefore the data in every tool is not 100% the same each time. So, You can’t say that any of these tools are incorrect or not reliable.

Now, we will discuss some frequently asked questions related to our free keyword tool.

How RaptorKit get data on keywords?

This is really an interesting question and the most asked one. The data presented to you in our free keyword tool is derived from a well-known SEO tool providing company Paid API.

Now, I know you might be thinking about which company’s API we are using in our keyword tool. For this question let me first say sorry to you as we can’t share the name of the company for some security reasons and privacy policy issues.

One more reason behind not revealing the name of our API provider is many more people & competitors are there in this field who can easily replicate our tool, that’s the main reason for not revealing our API provider.

Now, let’s compare RaptorKit with other tools.

RaptorKit Vs Other SEO Tool Companies

No one can compare any of the above-mentioned companies with RaptorKit as these companies have far better tools, metrics, filter options, and many more things.

If you have used any of the above-mentioned tools and our free keyword research tool you will understand the difference easily. As RaptorKit only have one keyword research tool in common, whereas the other has lots of other tools.

Okay, that’s not a big deal because in this article we will only compare our keyword tool with these company’s keyword tools. In this whole comparison, I will use the country-specific keyword “Affiliate marketing meaning in Hindi” with the location selected as “India

So, let’s start with SEMrush.

RaptorKit vs SEMrush

SEMrush is one of the most well-known SEO and SEM tools providing companies, so comparing RaptorKit with SEMrush is a very big thing as SEMrush is already a well-established brand whereas RaptorKit is just a newbie in this market.

So now let’s see the data comparison of RaptorKit’s keyword research tool and SEMrush’s keyword research tool.

Below is the data I got from the SEMrush keyword overview tool:

SEMrush Keyword Overview Tool’s Data
RaptoKit’s Data

You can compare the below data I got from our RaptorKit’s Free Keyword Research Tool with SEMrush’s one:

As you can see the comparison between these two screenshots.

Monthly Search Volume6.6K6.6K
Paid Competition0.060.03
Cost Per Click (CPC)0.09$0.20$

As you can see monthly search volume in both tools is exactly the same and the other metrics are almost similar, as we earlier discussed in (Important Notes ) every tool has its different algorithm for measuring all metrics.

So, we can say that RaptorKit’s keyword tool provides almost similar data to SEMrush.

Now, let’s see a comparison with Ahrefs.

RaptorKit Vs Ahrefs

What to say about Ahrefs, if you don’t know what is Ahrefs then you are surely a beginner in this digital marketing field. Ahrefs is one of the most used SEO tools on this planet.

So now let’s see the data comparison of RaptorKit’s keyword research tool and Ahrefs’s free keyword generator tool.

Below is the data I get from the Ahrefs keyword generator tool:

Ahrefs Keyword Generator Tool’s data
Raptorkit’ data

You can compare the data of both tools, here also you can see the monthly search volume is 6.6K in both tools. Again we can say RaptorKit provides data similar to Ahrefs.

Now, let’s compare it with Mangools’s “KW Finder tool“.

RaptorKit Vs KW Finder

You may know about Mangools which is also one of the well-known SEO tools providing companies. Its KW Finder tool is a keyword research tool, so let’s compare its data with our RaptorKit tool.

Below is the data which I get from KW Finder Tool:

Mangools KW Finder Tool’s data
Raptorkit’ data
Monthly Search Volume6.9K6.6K
Paid Competition0.030.03
Cost Per Click (CPC)0.20$0.20$

So, you can see the monthly search volume is almost similar, CPC is the same i.e 0.20$, and paid competition is also the same (note: I divided KW Finder competition by 100 as we discussed earlier in the Important Notes section)

In the end, let’s compare our tool with the most popular and used free SEO tool Ubersuggest.

RaptorKit Vs Ubersuggest

I think I don’t need to say much about Ubersuggest as it is the best free SEO tool ever, which was started by Neil Patel who is a well-known SEO & Digital Marketing expert. I know I’m appreciating and telling you that this is the best free SEO tool ever even if it is my competitor.

Because it has many other relevant features which a keyword tool must-have, and those are not in our RaptorKit.

But the best advantage of our keyword research tool is it’s 100% free and unlimited, which you will not get in Ubersuggest as it only allows 3 searches/day, and after that, it asks you to subscribe to a plan.

But I also assure you that I will and those features in our RaptorKit tool for sure in the coming future.

So, below is the data which I get from the Ubersuggest Keyword overview tool:

Mangools KW Finder Tool’s data
Raptorkit’ data
Monthly Search Volume6,6006,600
Paid Competition0.050.03
Cost Per Click (CPC)0.23$0.20$

You can see the monthly search volume is the same [i.e: 6,600], paid competition is almost the same (again I divided Ubersuggest’s paid competition by 100), and the CPC again is almost the same, and I converted INR to USD [i.e: Rs. 17.45 = $0.23]

Alright, this was a short comparison article of our RaptorKit’s free keyword research tool with big well-known SEO tools providing companies.

I hope this article somehow helps you in solving your queries, if you still have any queries you can feel free to comment below, I will reply to you as soon as possible.

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